Munchie Mobile: Burgers on wheels in Brooklyn, NY

If you’re lucky and walking around the East Village area today (4/28/12), you may run into the Munchie Mobile.

Jon, of the Munchie Mob came us yesterday (4/27/12), in need of a large 2 feet by 3 feet coroplast menu  for their customers. We promised to do whatever we could to have their menu ready before the big opening day. A few hours later, their menu was ready for pick-up at the SEND 2 PRINT store in Williamsburg.

Check out the MUNCHIE MOB’s Twitter, to see where they will be parked. And check out their menu below if you need an incentive. Tell them that Leo & Carlos from SEND 2 PRINT sent you.

Food Menu

Premium Business Cards for a Great Price

We no longer need to carry a piece of paper and pen in our pockets. The cell phone – especially smart phones – now provide a better and more efficient way of collecting information and networking for personal and business purposes.

But as far as technology has come, there is still no replacement for the Business Card.

It’s important to always have your contact information when on the road – especially for those unexpected business opportunities.

SEND 2 PRINT NY is the only place where you can get Premium Business Cards for a great price. Our product will not bend in the wind, or crunch up in your pockets.

For only $75, you get 5,000 Full Color Premium Business Cards.

All cards are Double Sided, UV Coated (Glossy), 14pt thickness.

Contact us for more information.
Tel: 347.689.9816

If you live in  New York City, stop buy our brand new store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
172 Borinquen Pl.
Brooklyn NY,  11211
Follow us on Twitter for the latest promotions.

Contracting & General Services

David needed his Business Cards printed ASAP.

He is the owner of Lucky Bucket Contracting & General Services, which has been servicing the Greater NY Metropolitan Area for over a decade.

David took advantage of our current promotion, 5,000 Business Cards for $50.

All his cards are 14pt, UV Coated, Double Sided.

Mars Barbershop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Checkout the the Business Cards that Carlos designed for the new barbershop opening up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Andy (aka The Animal), took advantage of our current promotion.

5,000 Business Cards for $50.00.

There is no bait & switch with Send 2 Print. For $50, you get double sided, 14pt, UV coated Business Cards that are sure to leave an impression.

Find us on Yelp*

Click on the link below for our Yelp* review page.

Happy Earth Day

Special thanks to Kristina for doing her part to protect this planet.

Take a look at the posters that Kristina will spread around her neighborhood to spread the word.

When Kristina came into our Williamsburg store, she was only planning on having a hand written message xeroxed. But we told her that she nothing to worry about. For the same price that someone else would charge her to xeroxed her hand written message, SEND 2 Print would create a nice large poster that would really attract attention.

Kristina ended up with two sets of great looking posters. 5 11×17 posters in English and 5 11×17 posters in Spanish. Kristina paid $20.00, and not a penny more.

Rotten Sons

Check out the promotional flyer for the Rotten Sons’ next gig at Tammany Hall in the Lower East side on 4/20.

Get some more info at their Tumblr blog.

“DAR 525″ Mediterranean Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Check out the ‘Coming Soon’ we printed for a new Mediterranean restaurant which will open up soon in Brooklyn, NY.

Looking forward to some great meals.

Eye catching Business Card

If you were walking down the streets and caught site of the scene above, what are the chances that you would stop to pick up that crisp $100?

If you live in Staten Island, New York, you may catch yourself bending over to pick-up Froogleprinting‘s newest Business Card.

Our display case

This post used to contain a photograph of the display case at the Send 2 Print store in Williamsburg.

Sadly, because of an ongoing complaint we are removing the original photograph.

Complaint revolved around images of the magazine Spicy Mag.

The Spicy Mag issue contained photos of women in skimpy bikinis.

Nothing which you haven’t seen in every corner grocery store or magazine shop.

However, to satisfy this one incident, the decision was made to remove the photo.

It should be noted, that Send 2 Print is a supporter of the arts. The decision was made to end the nagging, which we would prefer not to deal with.

Send 2 Print NY has a Pinterest

Send 2 Print NY is now Pinterest.

Click on the image below to follow us on Pinterest to view all latest projects and design ideas.

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Promotional Flyers from Send 2 Print in Williamsburg

5000 Business cards for only $50

NOTE: This Promotion Is No Longer In Effect

American Psycho Business Cards

It’s one of the great moments in movie history.

Send 2 Print BK can make that perfect Business Card for you, with that “tasteful thickness,” and that perfect price.

Stop in for a visit. We’re right in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

172 Borinquen Pl. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Or gives a call:


Our Mantra

Innovative Printing Services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Getting ready for the big opening.

Send 2 Print BK is bringing innovative and affordable offset printing to Williamsburg,  Brooklyn.

172 Borinquen Pl. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mon. – Fri. 11am – 8pm

Sat. 12pm – 6pm



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