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The House on Cox Curve

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Check out this promotional card for the new short film The House on Cox Curve.

Sophie Finkelstein

The film’s producer, Sophie Finkelstein, placed her order for 1,000 cards at around 1:30pm today. She needs her cards before 5pm tomorrow, and we will make sure not to disappoint her.

About the film:
The House on Cox Curve (Short Film)
Produced by: Sophie Finkelstein
Written & Directed by: Eamon O’Rourke

A New York City family travels out to the country hoping for a relaxing weekend but the surreal hosts of their bed and breakfast have other plans in mind. In order to get through the weekend the family must embarace both the unknown and each other in a new and transformative way.

Sophie needs your help to make The House on Cox Curve possible. You can contribute through Kickstarterthe world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

Sophie Finkelstein

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