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SEND 2 PRINT Gets Political

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SEND 2 PRINT has officially launched the NYC Campaign Solutions Website.

Through our Campaign Solutions Program, candidates aspiring to public office will have access to the best prices available for all their printed promotional material.

In 2012, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will actually give a measurable boost to the economy with their more than $2 Billion battle for the White House – and it’s best not to even try to imagine how much that will cost in the 2016 race.

State battles are also getting more and more expensive. What used to cost a pair of tired legs and a very sweaty hand, is now becoming just another battle of who has the deeper pockets.

Running for office has become very expensive, but we can help you trim a little bit off the top.

NYC Campaign Solutions will make it possible for candidates with limited access to campaign funding to promote their message.

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