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The Business Card

Last week I visited my cousin in Clovis, New Mexico air force base. After spending much needed time resting we decided to go explore and learn some history on Clovis – a town filled with a whole lot of nothing to do.

We visited Blackwater Draw Museum. While exploring the small museum my eye caught the coolest thing ever, The Business Card!

Hanging on a corner with a spotlight over it were some neat handcrafted item that belonged to, The Official Indian Tribe Dealer, along with his Business Card!!! The remains have been noted to be 13,000 years old.

Begin in the printing business I’ve been told it’s a dying field but is it really?

A Business Card is a great way to increase business and personal contacts. It will be a long time before Apple, Microsoft or any other tech company is able to make the Business Card obsolete. And for those of you that may not be aware of it – yes, there is an App for that.

Hand out your contact information with confidence or inform more people about your business with the right business card from SEND 2 PRINTTribe Dealer Shadow Box


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Hurricane Sandy: Sneak Peak release of Surviving Sandy Documentary

It’s no question that the natural disaster Hurricane Sandy affected everyone, not only in the Tri-state area, but all of the north east area.

The Send2Print family came together and collected donations for those families devastated by the storm, and on their journey to distribute the goods, “The Visual Vandal” Christian San Martin was there to film it every step of the way. Last night, Send2Print hosted an event where we were all welcomed to come together for a sneak preview of the “Surviving Sandy” documentary.

It was truly a heart wrenching film, a real life reel in to exactly what this storm did to the city that never sleeps. Like Pookie said, “I thought New York was untouchable” but this storm proved that even the biggest boulder cracks sometimes. 

All of the love and support from the crowd last night at the release was a subtle reminder of New York’s resiliency, we ALWAYS bounce back. 

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A warm thank you to everyone that made it out!